Destiny Remake – 21/11/2002 – Henry J. White

Destiny Remake – Henry J. White – 21/11/2002

In those lost days when my life fades away, I grab my land mundane. Way I look and observe, but not find the key that leads to my destiny. So every day, read and write my life without finding a passage that leads me to the end of this loneliness. I try to go ahead, but someone or something stops me, and however much I walk, run, or jog, I always see the same point on the horizon. I begin to despair, and I ask for help, but nobody hears, nobody hears me. I am alone, alone in the flow of life. One life lost, dazed.

Covered by darkness, I stand, I see and I notice that nothing around me. I see nothing, smell nothing, feel nothing. Just horrible, I hear a continuous sound at the bottom of the escape attempt anything Afraid … and suddenly I stop, I turn around I start to reflect and cry louder than anyone I ever hear.

– Who are you?, Why run away from you? —

A desperate silence, covers nothing, no sound is heard. A tremendously large beam and white light blinded my eyes, like a thunder rumbles in my ears. The beating of my heart pumping hard on the blood of my body. A cry from nothing, he whispers my ears. My mind opens to the abyss, my answer has arrived.

Stop child!
For the answer to both crave, hayal here, today, blind, senseless.

How dare you yell at my sites?,

Spots in the past, the future, the silence. Well if this is what you want, what you get.

I am who I am and you are, another of the many fatal, …:

Run away from you, your DESTINY!

Destiny Remake – Henry J. White – 21/11/2002



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